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Where to Store Too Much Christmas Decor

If you're anything like me and you're crazy for the holidays you probably have an obscene amount of Christmas decorations.

Here is how I store it all. I chose to keep it all in the furnace room, an area of the home which is fairly roomy but not too easily accessible, which is fine since I am only accessing this area once per year. It also keeps things away from little prying eyes!

(Tip: Make sure to leave enough room to access those large utilities)

I purchased these bins at Giant Tiger for about $6 each. Of course, because they are not see-through I labelled everything and added some little decorative snowflakes for fun.

It's a good idea to put those items you need earlier in the season or which are more frequently used closer to the top. However, because everything is organized into its own bin it's fairly easy to just pull one out at a time as I go.

I specifically chose plastic bins because I thought all of those paper decorations could potentially be a fire hazard in this space or even be damaged in the case of any flooding. For now, I am storing my Christmas tree in another part of the house because I do still keep it in the cardboard box it came in.

Also, when you pull out your decor each year, give them a quick once-over. If there are some items that you tend not to display anymore why not give it new life in a home of someone in need and make more room for those items you cherish.

I usually like to add something new to our collection every year, so when we do bring something new in it's time to say goodbye to something else to keep it all from overflowing!

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