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Remarkable Results to Rave About After Removing Rubbish

If you're thinking about decluttering and need a little extra motivation, here are just a few of the results you may experience after removing all that rubbish.

Easier ...

  • vacuuming

  • sweeping

  • finding things when you need them

  • paying bills on time

  • finding invitations

  • knowing what you have

  • preparing for guests

Less ...

  • cleaning

  • dusting

  • irritation

  • visual distraction

  • stuff to pack if you move

  • stuff to put away when company arrives unexpectedly

  • money wasted on duplicates

More ...

  • space for the stuff you care about

  • appreciation for the things you kept

  • attention given to the items you kept

  • storage space to keep the items you care about

  • space and time to use the stuff you kept

  • time for the people you care about

  • time to pursue hobbies

  • calm feeling in your space

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