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10 Stocking Stuffers that Won't Add More Clutter to Your Home

Tired of all the clutter ... here, there and everywhere? Aim to fill their stockings mostly, or even entirely, with consumable items which you know are likely to get used up within a specified period of time. Try some of these 10 stocking stuffers this year to avoid letting even more stuff take permanent residence in your home.

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1. Tempting treats for the tummy will surely excite and delight.

  • candy

  • chocolate

  • gum

  • bags of chips are great at adding bulk to the stocking

  • cans of pop / specialty drinks

2. Bath and body products, a nice treat which will surely get used up without leaving any clutter behind.

  • bath paints

  • bubble bath

  • fancy body wash

  • hair gel / mousse / spray

  • holiday scented soaps

  • travel-size product samples

3. Personal items which can serve as a replacement for those now old and worn.

  • hair brush, nail file, flavoured lip balm

  • battery-operated toothbrush

  • warm socks

  • mitts and hats

  • ear buds

4. Fun, one-time use items.

  • disposable camera for an upcoming outing or trip

  • stickers

  • temporary tattoos

  • small science experiments

5. Short-lived playthings that add to the fun but aren't made to last.

  • play-doh

  • slime

  • snow paint

  • craft supplies for a specific craft / drawing materials

6. Timely things that are useful now but will naturally become outdated or outgrown by next Christmas.

  • the upcoming year's calendar, featuring photos of their favourite characters

  • magazine

  • colouring book

  • journal

7. Upgraded supplies for their activities and passions, to replace lower-quality belongings.

  • hockey pucks / hockey stick tape

  • better paint brushes

  • funky skate guards / new laces

  • crazy carpet

8. Small food/drink gift cards, with just enough loaded on for a meal or treat at their favourite fast-food joint.

  • Dairy Queen

  • McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, Harvey's

  • Tim Horton's, Starbucks

  • Booster Juice

9. Experience vouchers to get them out and about.

  • coins for the local arcade

  • movie tickets

  • a round of indoor mini putt

  • an hour at the skating rink

10. Virtual credits are sure to keep them entertained during Christmas vacation.

  • Disney Plus, Netflix

  • Spotify

  • online gaming credits

  • movie rentals


11. For the adults in your life.

  • gourmet foods / sauces

  • scratch tickets

  • day planner

  • fancy stationary supplies

  • holiday coffee / tea

We hope you can use some of these stocking stuffer ideas this year so that you don't have to add anymore junk to your home. Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

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