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13 Pretty Terrific Positives of Procuring a Porch Safe

**This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to make a purchase, we will receive a monetary commission (which helps to support our site) at no extra cost to you. This post is NOT sponsored.

Have you and your family become increasingly dependent on receiving porch deliveries but can't stand the hassles? A porch safe could be just the ticket to avoiding the headaches and allowing you to take your time back for more important things than accepting endless packages.

Positive 1: Convenience.

Have a demanding work schedule or just have more exciting places to be than waiting at home for a package? A porch safe allows you the convenience to focus on other things, knowing your items are waiting securely at home until your arrival.

Photo from Unsplash by Walter Otto

Positive 2: Save time. Can't stand to wait around for the delivery person any longer? Is yet another delayed delivery getting you down and preventing you enjoying other things in life? Save yourself a trip to the post office for that missed delivery by having your package delivered to your own safe place.

Photo provided from Unsplash by Jaelynn Castillo

Positive 3: Prevent interruptions.

With virtual school, zoom calls, sleeping babies, barking dogs and odd sleeping schedules due to shift work, who the heck wants to lose creative momentum or some much-needed shut-eye for yet another delivery. Request a "do not knock" and just have them leave it in your own personal dropbox.

Photo provided on Unsplash by Chris Montgomery

Positive 4: Security.

Concerned about important or expensive items being left unattended for the taking? Having your items locked safely will prevent porch pirates from making off with your goods.

Photo provided from Unsplash by Jason Dent

Positive 5: Safety.

Worried about your vulnerable family members encountering yet another delivery person knocking at the door? Avoid it completely with a porch safe.

Photo from Unsplash by Macau Photo Agency

Positive 6: Privacy.

It's fairly safe to assume that in the past year many of us have gotten all too comfortable with the latest trend of work attire. Don't bother getting all dressed up just for that delivery person when they can simply leave your stuff securely behind.

Photo from Unsplash by Vladimir Yelizarov

Positive 7: Go incognito.

So maybe you've got some really nosy neighbours or just simply want to hide that surprise package you've ordered for your kid's upcoming birthday. Protect deliveries from peering eyes by keeping them undercover.

Photo from Unsplash by Cody Doherty

Positive 8: Protection from the elements.

Minus 30 below, windy, rainy, heat wave? These days weather like this is no longer an anomaly. Keep your valuable items contained and safe from water and other damage from the elements.

Photo from Unsplash by Biegun Wschodni

Positive 9: Temperature stability.

Receiving a grocery order or electronics which could be ruined by extreme temperatures? Some of the porch safes on the market are insulated to keep your valuables at a desirable temperature until you can get to them.

Photo from Unsplash by Jarosław Kwoczała

Positive 10: Contact-free.

Want to keep your close contacts to a minimum? Avoid interacting with your delivery person entirely by asking them to drop your package into your porch safe.

Photo from Unsplash by RoseBox رز باکس

Positive 11: An uncluttered porch.

Bit of a neat freak and tired of your porch looking like a mail warehouse? Keep packages tidy and all together in one place until you're ready to retrieve them.

Positive 12: Pest protection. Got a sweet-smelling delivery and want to keep those hungry scavengers at bay? Maybe you don't like wasps around your bags of fruit or would like to stop your neighbour's dog from running over and stealing your lunch. Keep those little scoundrels out with a sealed spot for your things.

Positive 13: Not just for packages.

Why limit your porch safe to deliveries? Use it to securely leave behind house keys for your dog walker or leave out items you've sold on community marketplaces for a safe and seamless transaction.

Photo from Unsplash by By Delphine Beausoleil

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