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Pet Mess Tamer (Kitty Litter)

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Is it time to do this again already? Cleaning the kitty litter bin may be a chore to dread but I find the method I use to be very easy and gets it over with quickly!

What I have for kitty litter set-up:

-large kitty litter bin with lid

-small kitty litter bin (from kitten days)

-kitty litter (I use unscented)

What I use for cleaning:

-1 garbage bag for waste

-1 garbage bag to line the bin (or litter liner)

-disinfectant wipes (or DIY vinegar spray)

-old newspaper/flyers

-paper towel

-cleaning gloves

First, I ... ever so carefully ... pull up the

sides of the garbage bag that's been laid under the kitty litter, gather it in the middle and with one hand underneath transfer straight into another garbage bag directly beside the litter box in case of any spills. Ew!

Then I wipe down the smaller kitty bin, put that aside, remove the newspaper from underneath, again, straight into the garbage bag, and then wipe the larger kitty bin. It's nice to also give it all a light rinse with a wet paper towel to remove the smell of cleaning products and then a quick wipe dry. Take that garbage bag out and you're all done the dirty work!

Then I line the larger kitty bin with fresh newspaper, put the smaller kitty bin on top, line that with a garbage bag laid flat and tucked in at the sides (make sure there's a little give so it doesn't rip when kitty gets in), tuck the litter scoop down the side and lid back on.

Voila, easy and done! Well, until next week. Sigh!

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