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More Organizing Ideas

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Board Games and More

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It's all fun and games until the

box gets crushed or you

realize an important piece is missing.

Games are a huge activity in our house for the whole family (and crafts and Play-Doh) and this is how we keep them organized.

These kind of items normally get used in the living room and not in the kids' bedrooms, so we keep these at the bottom of our basement stairs for quick access.

Once a shelf is full that's a good indication that we've hit our limit and no more of any category can come in the house until we've made space by chucking an old one out (donated it to our local thrift shop).

This light-weight plastic shelf was purchased from Walmart for around $20.00. I basically just had to snap it together and it comes with a part in the back to secure it to the wall, especially important if kids are going to be accessing things. And if your child is still smaller and might be tempted to climb you can also separate this into smaller shelves side by side. We keep our adult games on the very top shelf so the kids won't have any need to reach up that high.

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