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More Organizing Ideas

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Well, here it is! Phew! Let's hope we can keep it this way.

Here's what I did ...

cost: under $1 for paper towel and vinegar spray

Removed all items from freezer and put all the keep items into a large cooler and all the toss items straight into the trash. (It is a good idea to double bag that trash bag to prevent things like leaking ice cream once it melts). I tossed anything that was unrecognizable, never going to get used and/or completely freezer burnt.

Next, in my case I had to defrost the freezer due to some really bad ice buildup. This task is not for the inpatient. We managed to push the freezer into our furnace room which has a drain on the floor and used towels to the direct the water as it melted.

While it the freezer was pulled out of its usual spot, of course, I gave a quick sweep and wipe down of the floor underneath.

Once defrosted, I gave the interior a good wipe with a vinegar and water mix and wiped dry. And also popped the loose outer seal back into place.

Then, I labelled each section. I had previously sketched out where I wanted to keep everything based on the typical items we usually have in our freezer. For us that included the following:

door shelves: inner shelves:

bread fresh meat

fruit ice and treats

vegetables boxed items

miscellaneous large miscellaneous

Finally, we returned the freezer back to its spot and the items back into each newly designated space inside. (Tip: leave some room between your freezer and the wall for the coils on the back to breathe.) Just in time for grabbing Freezies all summer long!

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