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DIY Kids' School/Schedule Whiteboard

**FTC Disclaimer: This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

I purchased a large cork board and lined the border with black duck tape to match my office decor.

Then I used the following items ...

monthly headers

large white poster board

black Sharpie


packaging tape

bright round stickers

bright sticky notes

clear tacks

large ruler stick

You will also want whiteboard markers of course.

I measured out my calendar into equal sections and made small marks in pencil where I needed my lines to go. Once I was happy with my measured marks, I drew the lines out in black Sharpie.

I then filled in the days of the week and stuck a dot sticker on each space for the dates (which I would fill in later).

To be able to keep track of the school's 5-day cycle I also added a half dot on each weekday space (to be filled in later).

This part was a bit annoying but it will save me time when the next month rolls around. I covered the entire thing with packaging tape to make my own whiteboard so that I can just quickly update the dates as needed. (Be sure to use good packaging tape and/or test before use ... some types do not work well and will not erase). I then filled in this month's dates with a whiteboard marker.

I used colourful sticky notes and Sharpie to mark events for each day.

And now we have a place to keep track of upcoming school dates, play dates and other events. I use the space below the calendar for recent school newsletters, party invitations and just about anything else we need to keep track of.

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