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20 Quick & Easy Hiding Places for Christmas Presents

Well, it’s only a few days away and hopefully you’re finished at least most of your shopping. But where do you hide it all until the big day? If you’re looking for some quick and easy hiding places for Christmas presents so you can protect them from prying little peepers here are some ideas for you:

But, I would suggest, before you hide any presents, remove the shopping bag so that you’ll have a much easier time identifying what you have. And take your receipt out to be put with all of the other Christmas receipts in one designated space. You’ll be happy you did when you need to return something or if you want to get an idea of your general Christmas presents spending this year … or, then again, maybe you would just rather not know that number.

1. Trunk of your car. In a garbage bag or reusable zip-up shopping bag. This is what I use I transport presents from the car to the house, just in case I get caught in the act. I also keep extra blankets in the car in the winter which are a quick solution to cover large items in a pinch.

2. Garage or shed. Unless it’s something temperature sensitive like electronics.

3. Furnace room or attic. You may want to choose a water resistant container or at least keep items up off the floor in case of any leaks.

4. Nook under the stairs.

5. Top of your bedroom or hallway closet.

6. Laundry room cupboard.

7. Inside unused suitcases, duffel bags or backpacks.

8. Under your bed.

9. Broom closet.

10. Friend or family member’s house.

11. Inside a large appliance or electronics box. We recently purchased a printer and are keeping the box until we are a hundred percent certain it's the right one for us, so in the meantime we can use the box to hide Christmas presents.

12. Guest room. Under the bed or inside the closet.

13. Office. Inside drawers or even a file cabinet that are rarely accessed.

14. Inside garbage bags. Just make sure someone else doesn’t mix it up with the real garbage.

15. In a bin with a boring label like ‘taxes’ or 'home decor'.

16. Up anywhere high enough that they can’t reach.

17. Hung from a hanger inside of a coat.

18. Inside cardboard boxes. Keep the boxes you receive from online Christmas shopping. Just remember to remove the shipping label which may indicate the contents.

19. Pantry. Inside of a coffee can or other type of food box.

20. Inside an ottoman. Preferably one with a tray or something heavy on top.

You can even wrap the Christmas presents and slide them back into their hiding spots to save you from a crazy night of wrapping everything all at once. Just leave the extra details like bows until later so they don’t get squished. Put a tag on them now or at least a sticky note to label them so you don’t forget who it’s for or what’s inside. Oh, yes, this has happened to me before. Not fun.

Keeping like with like is also a good idea. For instance, keeping all of the Christmas presents for your road trip to Granny’s in one place, like, a cardboard box which makes everything easy to transport to the car when it’s time to go.

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