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Checklist to Prepare for Overnight Guests this Holiday

Expecting overnight guests this holiday season? Here's a handy checklist to prepare your home and ensure your guests enjoy a jolly and comfortable overnight stay.

Ask questions.

  • will they be bringing pets or do they have any concerns/allergies regarding your pet

  • temperature preferences

  • special needs (If they have difficulty with stairs you may want to put their bed on the main floor)

  • are they an early riser or a night owl (this may also help you decide where is the most appropriate area for them to sleep)

Make space.

  • do you have enough parking space, check local bylaws, will they need a daily permit (you can always ask neighbours to use their parking space if they are away)

  • make room to hang coats in the closet (move out-of-season jackets elsewhere for the time being if you are limited on space)

  • make space for their clothes in their room's closet or dresser

  • declutter (you want your guests to be able to freely move around your home without bumping into things)

  • where are they sleeping

  • do you have enough beds (could you borrow a blow-up bed or have them bring their own?)


  • wash sheets, blankets, towels

  • do a general home clean up

  • clean the bathroom and shower

  • vacuum and mop floors

  • open windows and air the place out

  • dab a small amount of essential oil on baseboards (use sparingly as some people may be sensitive to strong perfume and be sure to dab it somewhere higher up like the door frame if there are any pets)

Check your inventory.

  • towels and face cloths

  • bed sheets

  • comforters

  • pillows and pillow cases

  • extra bed, cot, blow-up

  • toilet paper, tissue

Stock up on personal supplies.

  • make your guests feel special with their own personalized basket full of the essentials

  • bottle of water

  • towel and face cloth

  • bar of soap or body wash

  • travel shampoo and soap (these can be purchased at the dollar store if you don't already have some)

And if you want to get even more elaborate you could also include.

  • sparkling water

  • alarm clock

  • ear plugs

  • treat

  • something to read or a notebook and pen

  • bag of chips or microwave popcorn

  • folding laundry basket

Stock up on food and drinks.

  • extra ready-made foods in freezer

  • snacks

  • coffee, tea, juice, bottled water that they can grab on their own

  • something for breakfast the next day

  • napkins

  • paper plates (if you prefer not to have too many dishes)

From our home to yours, wishing you a Happy Holiday. For more Bright and Breezy tips check out our other blog posts and you can also subscribe for immediate updates.

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