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How to Wrap Presents to Disguise What's Inside

We’re all guilty of it

... kids, adults, oh, yes, that’s includes me too. Who doesn’t love to lift and shake those boxes to try and guess what might be inside? Here are just a few fun ideas for how to disguise Christmas presents and really throw off those little snoopers.

Clothing. This year I had a large bathrobe to wrap. Kind of boring, right? Instead of going with the typical clothing box, I used a cardboard box that I had brought home from a grocery store trip. I put the bathrobe inside of a bag as well just to make sure it would stay nice and clean. By throwing in a few jingling bells it will now make them wonder what on earth could be inside.

Lego. This feels like one of those gifts that kids might receive every year to add to their collection and the sound it makes when shaken is so utterly obvious. I removed the little bags out of the original box and let the air out by making a small pin hole. I then folded any excess plastic on the little bags and taped it down to make everything snug so the blocks wouldn't move around. I took a cardboard roll from inside of the wrapping paper and put everything inside, making sure to gently push the contents together. Additionally, I wrapped the whole thing up with some grocery bags. This will block any sound and they’ll be so surprised.

Group of small items. In this case I was wrapping a bunch of beauty products but this could apply to books or any kind of collection of smaller items, really. If you want to confuse them or give them a real surprise, put out only a really tiny present under the tree with the first of many treasure hunt clues inside. Then wrap the other presents and put each one in its appropriate hiding place. They’ll enjoy getting to spend even more time opening presents and will be ecstatic when they discover the gift was much more than they had imagined.

You could also use this method for one very large item that is too big to wrap, having the treasure hunt leading them to the large present at the very end instead of many little ones along the way.

You can find many free treasure hunt printables online. I found one that I thought was both simple and festive here:

And here are just a few more ideas that you could use:

  • put clothing inside of a washed orange juice carton

  • use boxes from a previous purchase

  • put in other items add extra weight to an otherwise light object

  • use things around the house like towels or plastic bags to change the shape

  • put the item inside of something with an odd shape, like a rain boot, then wrap it up

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