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5 Things to Declutter from your Home

Well, it's a New Year and, of course, I'm excited to use that as motivation and find ways to declutter anything I can. I wanted to share some of the things that I was able to let go of today.


Each member of our family has a suitcase that we each love and regularly use. So why was I hanging onto those extra ones, given by family or that we had purchased eons ago before we found our perfect suitcases.

Today I purged an old duffle bag that, frankly, I would rather not have to carry and which I haven't used since I purchased my rolling suitcase. And, additionally, a very large suitcase that was taking up way too much space and which we never used.

Boxes from Christmas presents:

Need I say more? Recycle ASAP.

Old Kids Craft Projects:

After sitting around long enough, the glue on these things can dry out and they are easily squashed into something no longer recognizable. Why not take a photo while it still looks nice and chuck the remains?

Plastic Bags:

I admit in future I should probably bring reusable bags when shopping but, especially right after Christmas, I seemed to have a huge buildup of these. In my case, I bagged several of them up inside another grocery bag to be recycled in our municipal blue bin.


In with the new, out with the old. We were able to discard some clothing items after receiving new clothing from Christmas that were a better fit.

Additionally, after replacing a comforter and sheet set that had been looking worn with a brand new set, we were able to let go of the old one. If it's not in nice enough condition to donate to someone else check if your local animal shelter will take such items.

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