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5 Questions to Ask Yourself for Motivation to Declutter

I wanted to share some of the methods I use to get myself mentally motivated to get rid of things in my home. Sometimes considering the following possibilities helps to put things in perspective and gives me that extra motivation to part with my junk.

1. Is this item worth cleaning?

Do I really want to have to dust this item again, maintain it, find space for it? A less cluttered space is just easier to clean.

2. If I had to move some time in the near future would this be worth taking?

Sometimes life changes can be unexpected. If you were ever in a position where you wanted or needed to move, would you want to have to pack up all these unnecessary items?

3. If I had a house fire or flood would I bother to replace this item?

Yes, a little bit of a morbid thought, but it can serve as a good reminder of what's really important.

4. When I'm much older what would I want to leave behind for my kids?

Chances are, if the time comes that your children ever have to sort through your things when you're unable to they probably won't want most of your stuff and it's going to be a huge burden already.

5. Is there someone else that could make better use of this item?

Is this item really serving its purpose in a box or collecting dust? If you don't love it anymore, why keep it to yourself? There's probably someone else out there that would appreciate it and make good use of it.

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