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12 Papers to Purge from Your Desk

Well, in the vein of the New Year, I spent some time today giving my desk a wipe down and decluttering some papers that have been building up in my horizontal file slots which I keep on top of my desk. I feel like an organized and tidy desk is a great way to improve home office productivity for the upcoming year. So it was time to purge some papers.

I wanted to share with you some of the papers that I was able to let go of today:

  • recipes I'm never going to use

  • bills that have been paid

  • grocery or small-ticket item receipts more than 30 days old

  • schedules that are no longer relevant

  • any type of advertising documents that I'm not interested in

  • coupons that have expired

  • pamphlets for activities that have passed or I no longer need

  • plans for projects that have been completed

  • business cards I don't need

  • rough copies

  • little reminder or information notes to myself that are no longer relevant

  • documents I thought I was going to read but never will

(don't forget to recycle)

Additionally, I identified just a few important documents which I immediately put into my file cabinet and another pile for items that need to be put away elsewhere in the house, like, some product manuals which I keep in a box in the basement because I rarely access them.

To try to prevent more paper clutter, I have been using a small notebook to make any little notes instead of loose paper which seem to scatter all over my desk and I can never find them when I need them anyway. Whenever I need to look back at something it's always going to be there in the notebook and I can just cross it out when I'm finished with the information.

Lastly, I have a mesh zipped file which I threw anything that I would actually like to read at my leisure, like, magazines or pamphlets with pertinent information. This way I can take it with me somewhere else in the house were I am more likely to sit and read.

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