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5 More Things to Declutter from Your Home

Here are a few more things that I decluttered from my home today and wanted to share. I hope it inspires you to get rid of more junk!

Containers. Some of my containers, frankly, I just don't like the look of anymore. They don't go with my decor or they just aren't the most functional. Time to send them packing and hit up the dollar store to splurge on a few new ones that are more appropriate.

Magazines. Maybe you've already read the interesting articles or, if they've been sitting around to be read "one day", maybe you're just not really that interesting in reading them.

Clothes that I'm going to repair one day. Usually, if it's something you love and wear you would probably prioritize fixing it sooner rather than later because, well, you want to wear it. If it's been sitting around to repair "one day" then you probably don't love it enough to take the time to fix it, ever. Use that time for something more valuable.

Chargers from old electronics. I was hanging onto an old charger for my old camera that I no longer have. Why? Maybe I could use this for my cell phone. Well, I already have chargers for my cell phone, so time to say goodbye to this old, "just in case" charger. I don't need a "just in case" one if I already have more than one as it is.

Extra cloth bags. Somehow I always have more of these. Get rid of the ones you're not using, period. Someone else can make use of them and chances are you will somehow get more again.

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