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More Organizing Ideas

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A nice warm and sunny day finally arrived to complete this project. The floor has been cleared and everything is in its place. Here are the steps I took to take back this space.

1. Visualize. Store things where you use them. Decide on what you need and want to use this space for, like, items that are actually used in the backyard and ease of access to those items. This is a small space so I needed to be very selective of what I was going to keep in here.

2. Identify any issues. I was having trouble reaching items on the back shelf because the floor was not clear and so wanted to use any vertical space for storing items when possible. Also, I was having trouble accessing items at nighttime due to the lack of light.

3. Grab your tools.

  • garbage bag

  • box/basket for relocating items.

  • broom and dustpan

  • window cleaner and paper towel

  • hammer, nails, hooks, rope

4. Purge. This includes items that you no longer use or want and other items that can be relocated to another space where they are actually going to get used.

Items purged:

  • paint brush

  • bird feeder and hanger

  • moldy (and probably annoying to the neighbours) wind chimes

  • wasp deterrent

  • small broken pieces of wood

  • old tablecloth

  • fake flowers that were always blowing away

  • duplicate spray bottles

  • bottles with liquid left over the winter that turned into a science experiment

  • sun-bleached pool noodle

  • parts of things we're never going to reattach or use

  • small wasp nest that was luckily uninhabited

  • damaged cardboard flamingo decoration

  • broken hula hoop

  • frayed rope

Items relocated:

  • skateboard

  • 2 round baskets that took up too much space

  • 2 folding chair covers

  • container of bird seed

  • a bag of screws

  • sand toys

  • butter knife


  • deflated floaties

Seasonal items out:

  • candle lantern

  • patio chairs

Seasonal items in:

  • sleds

  • snow toys

5. Clean.

  • swept and cleaned window

  • swept floors

  • left door open during sunny day to air out and dry where floors had gotten wet from melting snow

6. Plan.

Now that you've made space and cleaned up, you can decide where everything is going to go. Designate specific areas by category when possible. I find it helps to sketch out a plan and make changes in pencil as necessary instead of moving the actual items all around.

I chose to keep kids stuff on the easy to access side of the shed and tools on the less accessible side. Seasonal or less frequently used items could go up high in the loft area. And I planned to use vertical space for items wherever possible.

7. Purchase. Make a list and purchase any necessary organization tools.

  • $2.00 lantern (Dollarama)

  • $2.00 hanging clothespins bag (Dollarama)

  • $3.50 x 4 larger clear bins (Dollarama)

  • nails, screws, hooks (already had some of these)

Total cost = $18.00

8. Put things back in their place.

I added a few more nails to hang up items. I used some thin rope to hang up the extension cord on an existing large nail and also made a tiny clothesline to hang the paper lanterns.

I store the kids toys on the left side of the shed in buckets or mesh bags, which makes them easy to grab . All inflatable items, like, the kiddie pool and slide are kept on the shelf in the back corner.

Small gardening tools, utility items and decor are kept on the back shelf.

Large tools and equipment are kept on the right side of the shed.

Seasonal and less frequently used items are kept up and out of the way in the loft.

I used the back of the door to store clothespins, which are lightweight and accessed frequently. I also added a small hook on the door to hold a small battery-operated lantern. Now when I need to find something in there at nighttime I can turn the lantern on as soon as I open the door.

9. Enjoy. Now I can get to the items I need without climbing over things and can also see at nighttime when needing to access items.

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