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Calculate the Cost of Your Clutter

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Do you have a space in your home which you mainly use for storing, well, junk? Call it a catchall room, junk room, storage closet or nook. Things you might need someday, are going to repair one day, want to leave your kids one day or just don't want to let go of?

If you knew the amount you were paying for that space each month would you continue to use it for this same purpose?

Calculate the actual cost of your wasted space HERE:

What is the total square footage of this space? (s) _____

What is the total square footage of your home? (h) _____

Divide (s) by (h) = (p) _____

For example, 100 sq ft / 1000 sq ft. = 0.10 which is 10%.

You now have the percentage of your home this space is using.

What is your monthly home payment (mortgage/property tax or rent/fees)? (m) _____

Now multiply this number by the percentage you found above:

(m) x (p) = _____

For example, $1000 x 10% = $100.

This is what you're paying for this space every single month.

Multiply by 12 for your yearly cost.

Keep in mind that this amount doesn't include the additional cost to heat/cool, maintain and clean this space.

Knowing this, does your clutter still hold the same value? Is this space being utilized to its fullest potential? Could there be a more useful purpose for this space?

Here are just a few ideas of what you could transform a wasted space into:

  • guest room

  • office / study / homework area

  • play room

  • workshop

  • craft room

  • man cave / woman's den

  • reading nook / library

  • studio

  • games room

  • music/instrument spot

  • space for your business or online store inventory

  • home gym / yoga studio / meditation room

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**This article was inspired by Peter Walsh, "an expert in home organizational design" and, surely, a familiar name. He has spoken about the value of our wasted spaces and, more specifically, reminded us that it is even costing us money when we pay our rent or mortgage every month. If you haven't heard of him before, you need to check out his work, including home organizing books and videos.

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