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Buts to Remember Before You Buy

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Stores can be filled to the brim with temptation, so keep these buts in mind before you buy:

But ... do I really need this or do I actually just want this?

But ... is this worth the time I worked to make the amount of money I'm spending on this?

But ... could this money I'm spending be put to better use?

But ... is this purchase going to take me further away from that larger purchase I've been working toward or that vacation I've been dreaming of?

But ... would I rather have this item or have 'x' more dollars in my savings account or towards retirement?

But ... would I still buy this item if it wasn't on sale?

But ... am I really going to use this?

But ... is this item worth the space it's going to take up in my home?

But ... is it going to just add to the pile of clutter I already have?

But ... do my children really need another one of these that they will outgrow within a year or sooner?

But ... will I or my family be upset after only getting to enjoy this for a short time before it breaks?

But ... do I already have something similar to this?

But ... can I just continue to use that something similar at home that is still in perfectly good working condition instead of this shiny new one?

But ... if not, am I prepared to pass along the old one in order to stick to the one in, one out rule?

But ... do I want to sign up for the upkeep that goes with this item: cleaning, dusting, maintaining, repairing?

But ... how difficult will it to be to dispose of this item when it's time to get rid of it?

But ... will I regret this purchase later?

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