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Donation Destination: Dress for Success (Women's Business Clothing & Accessories)

Hey, ladies. Do you have some business clothing and accessories still sitting in your closet from when you used to work in an office? Maybe you've changed sizes or bought yourself something that you just never ended up wearing. Were you gifted something that's, well, not quite your style?

Dress for Success is looking for your gently-used business clothing and accessories. They are an international not-for-profit organization focused on providing women with support, professional clothing and tools to help them achieve economic independence. Their aim to is help their clients look and feel their best for job interviews and the first few weeks of employment.

Click here to find a location in your area, times they're available to accept donations and a specific list of what they do and do not accept. They suggest that you simply think about what you might wear to an interview and that's the kind of thing they are looking for.

Generally, they are looking for these types of items:











But not looking for items like:


household goods

men's/children's clothing

formal wear

Knowing what a difference those business clothes and accessories hanging out in the back of your closet could make in a woman's life might be just the motivation you were looking for to finally let those unneeded items go.

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