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Make a Fun Summer Calendar for Kids

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Now that school's out and you've got the kids at home for two whole months, you'll be looking for ways to keep them busy. Start by making a calendar to mark down all the things they're going to do this summer. This way they can get excited about upcoming outings and see their entire summer at a glance.

To make this one I used ...

1. Place the cork board in an area and height that is easy for your kids to view or even add events themselves.

2. Cut the poster board in half and tack each one to the board with push pins.

3. Using a ruler and pencil, divide each board into five rows (for the weeks) and seven columns (for the days), leaving a small space at the top to write your days of the week.

4. Using a ruler and Sharpee, draw your lines for your calendars.

5. Fill in the days of the week and dates of the month.

6. Add a month banner above each month.

7. Decorate board as desired (or, better yet, let the kids decorate it)

8. Mark the year somewhere on your board.

9. Add a cup with some markers for easy access. I used a binder clip and elastic to hang the cup from a tack on the board.

10. Fill in activities, appointments and outings as they come up.

11. Add stickers for even more fun and to add interest.

12. You could even use a different coloured marker for each child.

Make a list of things you would like to do with the kids this summer down the side of the calendar and add them into the dates as you decide. This way you'll have a list of ideas already on hand ready for those days that are free. You could even write them on sticky notes to be easily moved into a date when you can fit them into your schedule. Be sure to include some ideas for rainy days too.

Once summer comes to a close and you're ready to take the calendar down, be sure to take a photo of it so they can remember all the fun they had this summer!

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