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More Organizing Ideas

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SPARE ROOM (The After)

Here's The After! This is what we did ...

  • removed clutter (we were keeping a lot of things we didn't actually need or use anymore)

  • sold a few of these unneeded items

  • used that money toward purchasing a few second-hand items for the room (like the floor mats)

  • brought in toys from other areas of the house/backyard

  • added a few home-made cardboard creations (like the wall paper, cupboards and kitchen sink)

  • allocated some alternative storage space in our basement

  • purchased storage tubs (we have added more over time)

  • labelled accordingly

Now, instead of a wasted space keeping all kinds of junk, we have a play room which is used and enjoyed all of the time.

We've made a few changes and upgrades to the play room since this original Before and After project. If you would like to see what it looks like today you can see it at our Pinterest page.

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