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I'm Not Buying Anymore Wrapping Supplies This Christmas

With what seems like a mountain of Christmas supplies already, it was my mission to not buy anymore wrapping supplies this Christmas season. Sometimes we just get in the habit of updating even though we may already have more than enough.

I wanted to share a few tips on how I plan to do this:

  • use any existing half-used rolls of wrapping paper

  • use any existing holiday ribbon

  • re-use saved gift bags and bows from last year

  • use existing Christmas tins, boxes, bins, baskets, stockings that I am no longer using for decor or storage

  • use all the too-small-to-cover-a-gift scraps to make ugly wrapping paper (see photo below)

If I run out of my existing Christmas wrapping supplies I plan to use items which I would already have around the house. Here are some other options I have in mind so far:


  • use any non-Christmas wrapping supplies, such as plain gift wrapping, tissue paper, bows, ribbon (steering toward Christmassy colours, like, green, red, blue, white or pretty much any metallics)

  • colourful Christmas-related magazine/catalogue pages

  • turn paper bags inside out (or not if already has an attractive pattern)

  • pillow case

  • craft or construction paper

  • plain white paper or poster board

  • children's artwork

  • re-use plain brown shipping paper from inside of online holiday shopping packaging

  • turn a shipping box inside out for a plain, unmarked brown box

  • re-use tissue given when stores wrap up your breakable purchases

  • tablecloth

  • if gift includes fabric, wrap other gift inside of that


  • yarn

  • duck tape

  • electric tape

  • fabric scraps

  • draw a Christmassy pattern on the alternative "wrapping"

  • Christmas stickers

  • good condition but no-longer-loved ornaments

  • candy

  • paint

  • cut out Christmas shapes

  • pipe cleaners

  • sticky notes

  • stampers

  • glitter

  • beads

  • jewelry

  • scarf

  • streamers

  • foil

(for smaller items)

  • colourful hair ties

  • colourful elastic bands

We hope these ideas might also help you save a little money, purge your existing supplies and have a little extra fun coming up with creative ways to wrap gifts this holiday. Wishing you all a Happiest Holiday Season!

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