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More Organizing Ideas

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ENTRYWAY (The After)

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Just in time for the Near Year ... a fresh, clean and more organized entryway.

Here are a few things I did:

Put Away:

  • things that are out of season, such as bike locks, sandals, bike helmet, light jackets

  • anything that doesn't belong in this space

  • anything that is not frequently used such as "extra" scarves or bags can be put into the hall closet


  • remove anything outgrown or no longer used and donate

  • anything broken (such as umbrellas that no longer work or shoes that are falling apart)


any items in the space ...

  • wash mitts, hats, scarves

  • wipe down the inside of storage bins

  • wipe down coats and boots with a baby wipe or wash/dry clean

the space itself ...

  • spot clean any stains on stairs

  • vacuum stairs

  • vacuum mat (or replace if needed)

  • remove curtain and wash (or replace)

  • wash door window, inside and outside

  • wipe clock

  • wipe light switches, knobs

  • wipe door

  • wipe walls and baseboards

  • vacuum mat and remove (or replace)

  • mop floors

Get things up off the floor:

  • install hooks

  • shoe racks

  • coat racks

  • baskets

  • add racks at children's height (if applicable)

Add/change items:

  • new garbage can for umbrella storage (Dollarama)

  • DIY white board for reminders and messages

  • new floor mat

Add scents:

  • cinnamon-scented pine cones (Dollarama)

you could also try ...

  • add a few drops of essential oil to a baby wipe or cotton ball and wipe on baseboards or on the doorway (out of reach of children/pets)


  • you may also want to inspect things like the door lock, knobs, hinges, door bell, rickety coat racks or hooks that need tightening, light bulbs, smoke alarms and then repair or replace as required

Now this front entryway is all ready a "fresh" start, both warmly welcoming guests as well as easing morning routines for the New Year.

From our family to yours, wishing you a Happy New Year! For more Bright and Breezy tips and inspiration check out our other blog posts or subscribe for immediate updates.

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