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10 Post-Christmas Declutter Tips

Start the new year off with a clean slate with these post-Christmas declutter tips:

1. Donate any Christmas decorations that you didn't like enough to actually put out on display this year.

2. Got a Christmas decoration that needs repair but you didn't bother to fix it this year? Maybe it's not that important after all and it's time to go. If you haven't fixed it by now ... will you ever?

3. Are there some Christmas items that you're just not sure where to store for the next year? Maybe it's time to curate your collection.

4. Tired of your current Christmas decor look? If you're planning on taking advantage of post-Christmas markdowns and updating your Christmas decor this year, make room for the new and pass along your old collection to the donate bin.

5. Received some gifts? If you received a newer version of something or anything that serves a similar purpose to an existing item, get rid of the old one.

6. Received something that's going to need a little extra space? Is the junk that stands in the way of utilizing your new item worth keeping?

7. Received something that doesn't quite fit? Bought a few too many gifts? Don't hang onto them "just in case". Return them now before it's too late to exchange or receive refund, because they will probably just sit there and add to the clutter.

8. Happy with your gifts? Great! Get rid of the boxes they came in. Better yet, use them to fill up with donations and then get rid of them.

9. Have some leftover cookies and other Christmas goodies laying around after all the festivities? Do you really want or need to eat these after all of the indulging you've been doing this holiday? Time to do a quick clean sweep of your cupboards and refrigerator of all those leftover items which you stocked up on just for the holiday.

10. Put away anything that you won't need until the next holiday ... things like the turkey pan, extra chairs and blankets. For example, because we only use it about once a year, we keep our turkey pan tucked away in the basement, leaving much more space in our kitchen.

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