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Dollar Store Spring Flower Basket for Under $25.00

**FTC Disclaimer: This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

If you're looking for a fun and beautiful way to decorate for spring this year or perhaps you want to adorn that woman in your life with flowers this Mother's Day (that will last much longer than only a week), check out this cute idea for a cheap and easy dollar store flower basket.

First, you'll need a container to put the flowers in. Right after Easter is a great time to find baskets on sale. This white wicker one, which we already had, was purchased originally from Value Village for $6.00. If you find one that's not quite the colour you like, it could be spray painted.

Some other places to find wicker baskets ...

  • yard sales

  • thrift shops

  • Michael's

  • laying around your house after Easter

Other containers you could use ...

  • planter pot

  • vase

  • watering can

  • water jug

  • ribbon, sisal rope, wrapping

  • any container that you already have

An abundance of artificial flowers fill the stores during springtime. These flowers were purchased from Dollarama for around $1.25 to $2.00 per stem.

Some stores which carry artificial flowers in springtime are ...

If you're choosing to do a flower basket for your own home, think about which colours and styles will complement your current decor and colour scheme or, really, just whichever ones make you happy when you look at them.

As an added bonus, if you or your mother have pets, especially cats, artificial flowers may be a good alternative to many flowers which can be potentially poisonous. But if you think they'll chew these too, maybe it's a good idea to go in a different direction altogether. Guess we're going to have to keep these up high.

For our flower basket, I was going for a wild flower look, leaning toward blues, pinks and a little bit of yellow but just colourful overall. I wanted that look of a mixture of flowers freshly picked from the garden or field.

I placed some tissue paper in the bottom of the basket, bent the stems of each flower which were too tall for the basket and arranged, using both the handle of the basket and the tissue paper to prop flowers in place.

Now, we have a lovely flower basket which will last throughout spring and summer ... or until it's time to redecorate.

Wishing you a beautiful, flowery spring and a Happy Mother's Day!

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