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Tween/Teen Girl's Birthday Idea - Shopping Mall Party

Photo source: Free from Wix

Stumped for ideas on what to do for your tween or teen's birthday party this year? Why not have a Shopping Mall Party?

Before the Party:

Do a little research. Have a look at your local mall's website or even take a trip there to check out all the potential places you can incorporate into the birthday party.

Seek out deals. See if any of the stores offer special birthday discounts or freebies. Certain shops may have events coming up, offering special sales and added fun.

Choose your guest list. Considering both your budget and tolerance for tweens/teens, allow your child to pick a certain number of her besties to join the party. When approving friends, ensure that they are both independent and responsible enough to walk around the mall for several hours.

Decide on the date and time. Consider days and times during which the mall may be less busy to make it a more enjoyable experience for the girls (and those around them), with smaller crowds and reduced waiting times. Think about how much time you'll need to cover all of the activities planned and anticipate delays.

Send out invitations. Choose a shopping-mall themed invitation, like, a mini gift bag, decorated with the mall's logo, with party details inside.

During the Party:

Pick up your guests or plan a meeting place at the mall for the party to begin.

Take advantage of lockers to keep coats or, better yet, leave them in the car.

Safety first. If the girls are going to go off on their own without an adult or just in case someone gets lost, pre-arrange a meeting place in the mall where they can find the supervising parent. Go over stranger danger too.

Set ground rules. Talk about common courtesy, behaviour expectations and what parts of the mall they can and can't go to.

Pre-arrange a scavenger hunt that will require the party to travel throughout the mall, finding clues toward a pre-determined goal. This could mean taking pics on their phones of the items they need to find or having a competition over who can put together the best or craziest outfit.

Eat dinner at the food court. With the varied selection, everyone is likely to find their faves.

Test out new scents in the perfume department, visit make-up stores for free makeovers and/or book mani-pedis at the mall's salon. Some of these will generally require that you book ahead of time.

Your local mall may even have other activities, like bowling, a movie theatre or an arcade.

Use the photo booth to take some birthday party pics. Most booths give two copies of the photo strips which can be shared among the guests. Alternatively, these can be captured on your phone and distributed to all the guests.

Have dessert at a favourite treat shop. Every mall has one.

This may be a good time to open gifts.

At the End of the Party:

Instead of loot bags, give each child a small gift card which can be used at the mall. After all that walking around, they'll likely have something special in mind that caught their eye.

Make sure that everyone has their coats and goodies before leaving.

Drop them off or arrange a meeting place and time for pickup.

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