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More Organizing Ideas

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Terror Tactics That'll Make You Wanna to Turn Things Around and Toss All That Trash

If fear-based motivation is your thing ... here are some of the many possible dangers of keeping way too much stuff that may just give you enough of the heebie-jeebies to finally declutter your space.


  • molds

  • mildew

  • bacteria

  • viruses

  • pathogens

  • feces

  • disease


  • ​dust mites

  • ants

  • spiders

  • flies

  • maggots

  • silver fish

  • cockroaches

  • bed bugs

  • wasps

  • mice

  • rats

  • raccoons


  • air flow

  • air quality

  • dust

  • sneezing

  • coughing

  • asthma

  • skin conditions

  • itching

  • rashes

  • watery eyes


  • mental wellness

  • annoyance

  • irritation

  • distraction


  • trip hazards

  • accidents

  • exposure to chemicals

  • toxic waste

  • danger to kids, pets, guests

  • fire hazard

  • inability to receive emergency care

  • death trap


  • things get lost

  • wasted time

  • tracking filth

  • more to clean

  • more to dust

  • neighbour complaints

  • potential fines

  • potential eviction


  • things expire

  • ware and tear

  • stains, rips, snags

  • stepping on items and breaking them

  • weather damage to items left outside

  • burying what's important

  • late bills due to lost mail

  • loss of deposit to landlord due to damages

  • damage to your own property

  • rotting wood

  • structural damage

  • hidden leaks

  • potential damage in case of flooding


  • stinky clothes

  • stinky home

  • lack of visitors

  • embarrassment due to unexpected guests

  • family friction

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