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Rebuttals to Remember When You Have Decluttering Doubts

So you want to make more space and every time you think of parting with your junk your progress is halted because you're bombarded with "buts"? Here are a few things to keep in mind the next time they pop up.

"But I might need this one day."

And what about all that stuff you 'might' need? Could you sell a few of the higher-value items, donate the rest and keep that money aside in case you need 'x' one day instead? That way you won't need to keep every, little just-in-case thing.

Maybe it's something you could even rent or borrow from a friend/neighbour when you need it.

"But so and so gave me this."

This one is tough but if a gift just isn't your cup of tea there's not much you can do to make it fit into your life.

It's the thought that counts, right? Appreciate the gesture and pass it along to someone who can use it.

If it's something that was important to that person, be thankful but explain why you just don't have a use or space for this item and ask them if they would like it back.

Hope they forget about it next time they visit and just donate it.

"But I spent good money on this."

It's hard to let go of something we spent money on, especially if it's in perfect condition and hasn't ever gotten any real use.

Keeping something you're not using isn't going to get your money back.

How is this item continuing to cost you, in space, time and guilt every time you look at it?

Think of how a thrift store could benefit from selling a new item like this.

Benefit from giving it away by the lesson learned and next time you go shopping you may naturally feel more choosy.

"But I'm going to fix this."

How long ago did this break?

If it was really useful or important wouldn't you have fixed it by now?

Will you actually use it after you fix it?

"But I'm going to finish this project."

How long ago did you start this project?

Why haven't you gone back to working on this?

Are there other projects that you do before this one? Why?

"But this part belongs to something I still have."

If you're not using it for that thing are you ever going to?

Could you re-purchase this part if you really needed it one day?

"But it's sentimental."

This types of things are definitely difficult to part with but do we need to keep it all? It's important to set limits on how much sentimental stuff we keep. If there's too much it becomes difficult to take care of or even enjoy.

Maybe instead of keeping all of your kids' artwork, you can just keep your faves and make them into a book. The same goes for your great aunt's furniture which was passed down.

If you're keeping, say, your grandmother's vanity can you incorporate it into your living space and utilize it for your vanity so it is actually serving a purpose while you still get to admire it?

Could you take a photo of the item to keep the memory and then let it go?

Of course, it can be nice to have the things we want to keep but when that starts to get in the way of living our best life it's time to rethink our stuff. When we get rid of some that old junk we are making space for new things to come.

We hope you can find benefit from these rebuttals to remember when you have decluttering doubts.

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