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Here's the After. That fresh white background really makes the clothes pop!

Here's how ...

(see the YouTube slideshow version here)

First, make sure you have all of the necessary materials and equipment. Start early in the day and plan to sleep in another room.

This may include ...

  • paint

  • tool to open paint can

  • paint brush

  • paint roller

  • paint tray

  • painter's tape

  • tools to remove hardware

  • wipes

  • vacuum

Remove all clothing and other items.

Remove shelving, fixtures and hardware.

Mark boundaries and use painter's tape to protect other areas.

Vacuum and wipe down walls with damp cloth. Allow to dry.

Protect floors by sliding a bit of paper underneath baseboards and using a drop cloth.

Ventilate the area by opening windows and, if possible, turning on a fan.

Start painting, working from top to bottom. Use paint brush to paint border of each area, then fill in and smooth out with paint roller.

Keep going until you've covered all areas you wish to paint. You may need several coats. Check the instructions on how long to wait in between coats to prevent streaking.

Once completed the final coat, allow to fully dry overnight.

Once completely dry, carefully remove painter's tape, vacuum the floor of the closet and replace shelving and fixtures.

Put all clothing and other items back into the closet.

Enjoy your closet's fresh, new look.

For more Bright and Breezy tips and inspiration check out our other blog posts or subscribe for immediate updates.

For more Bright and Breezy tips and inspiration, check out our other blog posts or subscribe for immediate updates.

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