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100+ Backyard Activities for Bored Kids this Summer

Looking for some fun ideas to keep the kiddos occupied this summer? Whether your budget and backyard are big or small, there's bound to be something here for your kids. Check out these activities to create some outdoor fun:

Ideas for different kids or what they're in the mood for:

Active ...

  • jump rope

  • ankle skip toy

  • frisbee

  • throw a beach ball around

Animal Lovers ...

  • bird watching, binoculars

  • evidence of nests

  • feed the animals (seeds)

  • make a bird bath

Artsy ...

  • tape a large white poster board onto fence and paint it

  • sidewallk chalk

  • sidewalk paint, air brush

Brave ...

  • water slide

  • wipe out

  • ninja course

Builders ...

  • make a fort (cardboard, wood, tarps or trees)

  • give them a pile of recycled materials and a building task

  • turn it into a competition (build the tallest structure)

Competitive ...

  • obstacle course

  • limbo

Creative ...

  • singing competition

  • dance competition

  • put on a play

  • paint a flower pot

  • decorate a bird house

  • paint large rocks to look like insects or critters

Decorative ...

  • make an earthy centerpiece (pine needles & cones, twigs, rocks)

  • collect a flower bouquet

  • decorate a bird feeder

  • make a fairy garden

Doesn't Mind Getting Dirty ...

  • cooking in the mud

  • sand box

  • sand castles

Inquisitive ...

  • look for bugs

  • collect rocks

  • magnifying glass

  • inspect leaves

  • microscope

Little Helpers ...

  • water the garden

  • planting

  • rake the leaves and jump in them

  • mow the lawn

  • fix something

  • trim bushes

  • wash windows

  • clean out the shed

  • sweep the deck

Nature Lovers ...

  • take photographs (sky, nature, wildlife)

  • pick berries, fruit, veggies

Scientists ...

  • sun dial

  • weather observation (temperature, clouds, sun)

  • look for evidence of wildlife

Sporty ...

  • dodge ball

  • ball hockey

  • soccer

  • badminton

  • catch

  • football

Strategists ...

  • make a maze

  • scavenger hunt

  • practice survival lesson

  • camouflage themselves

Survivalists ...

  • toy fishing pond

  • practice outdoor survival techniques

  • walkie-talkies

  • create and mark a trail (rope, ribbon, bread crumbs)

Toy Fanatics ...

  • bring indoor toys outside (Barbie beach day, cars & trucks land)

  • yo-yo

Ideas for different occasions:

Groups ...

  • parachute

  • potato sack race (garbage bag, old pillow case)

  • put an egg in a spoon and race without dropping

  • hide and seek

  • what time is it, Mr. Wolf?

Parties ...

  • big snakes and ladders

  • big checkers

  • pinata

  • balloon darts

  • carnival

Ideas for different times/days:

Food ...

  • tea party

  • luau

  • picnic

  • teddy bear picnic

Hot Days ...

  • sprinkler

  • water balloon fight

  • kiddie pool

  • slip and slide

  • water slide

Rainy Days ...

  • weather person, measure rain

  • splash in puddles

  • mud pies

  • look for worms

  • make a stream

Windy Days ...

  • make wind chimes

Night Time ...

  • glow sticks

  • sparklers

  • camp fire

  • camp out under the stars

  • count the stars

  • discover constellations

  • fireflies

  • roast marshmallows

  • roast spidey dogs

  • project movie (on outside wall or white sheet on clothesline)

  • bubble bath in the kiddie pool

Ideas for different budgets:

Old school ...

  • blow bubbles

  • water gun fight

  • make a grass whistle

  • hop scotch

  • climb trees

  • hula hoop

  • tire swing

  • cans & string telephone

  • monkey in the middle

Large financial investment ...

  • trampoline

  • pool

  • jungle gym

  • slide

  • swing set

  • play house

  • teepee

  • climber

  • zip line

  • water table

  • skateboard ramp

  • monkey bars

We hope you enjoyed our list and that some of these 100+ backyard activities will add a little more fun to your kids' summer this year.

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