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Squeeze some Cash from your Freezer this Holiday

With the holidays right around the corner, you may be looking for a way to squeeze a little more from your budget and free up some cash.

Why not declutter your food storage while saving a little money too?

This year, starting in November, I plan to "shop my freezer" as much as possible. By using up what we already have, we'll free up some space in our budget for upcoming holiday expenses, such as festive foods, outings or gifts. As an added bonus, we'll free up some space too!

The goal is to use up everything that's already been sitting in our freezer and not add anything else into it, with the exception of those items we would purchase specifically for the holidays ... that is, if we don't already have them. And if we find anything that's, well, been in there for a very long time … and, who am I kidding, am I really going to use those potato peels I froze after binge-watching Doomsday Preppersinto the trash they go!

Here's a handy guide from Good Housekeeping suggesting how long you can keep different types of food items in your freezer, the gist of it being that anything older than a year needs to go.

By using what we have, we'll be making substantially smaller grocery trips (as freezer items like meat tend to make up the bulkier part of grocery costs) and, as a result, spending less money … cash ... which can then be used toward the holidays!

After the holidays begin to wind down and we have a little free time, it'll be much easier to perform the overdue defrost and cleaning. With the New Year, we can then start fresh and begin to restock.

We also plan to do the same with our refrigerator, cupboards and pantry, aiming to eat up many of the items that have been there for a while, using up opened sauces and finally eating that can of beets. Anything expired or questionable, trash!

Although throwing some of these items away may seem wasteful, it will make space in your food storage spaces for items which you're actually going to use and you'll now have a much easier time finding them (preventing further waste).

And if we find anything non-perishable that we're just not going to end up eating ... well, what better time than to make a donation to our local food bank.

Hope you can squeeze some cash from your freezer this holiday while making space for a fresh start in the New Year!

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