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6 Simple Steps to Sanitize Your Home After Being Sick

Have the flu bugs, colds or viruses been to your house yet this year? Here are six simple steps to help get rid of those lingering germs after these unwanted visitors have finally gone.

1. Open windows.

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Turn off your heat and set a timer for 20-30 minutes. Open several windows and even turn on fans to get all that bad air flowing out and some fresh air flowing in.

2. Wipe down commonly-touched surfaces.

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Get those disinfectant wipes out and wipe down places which have been touched the most, such as banisters, light switches, door knobs and faucets. Use a screen-safe cleaner for tablets and phones that you've been overusing while too sick to do much else. The same goes for tabletops where you've been keeping your sticky cough medicine et cetera too.

3. Wash your sheets and pillowcases.

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Throw your blankets into the washer on the warmest setting they can handle. Use bleach if you have white sheets. Follow this up with a cycle in the hot dryer and all of those germs you've been coughing up while recovering in bed will go night-night.

4. Wash hand towels.

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You've been washing your hands like crazy to stop from spreading those germs. Well, it's likely that some of those germs are hanging around on your hand towels. Time to throw them in the wash too!

5. Throw away contaminated items.

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Been using your lip balm like crazy for your dry lips while sick? In the garbage it goes. The same for that Gatorade you've been sipping on or half-eaten bag of snacks you were sticking your germy hands in but were too unwell to finish. Oh, and that toothbrush that's been in your mouth all week, yup, time to replace it with a fresh new one.

6. Empty your indoor garbage cans.

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Garbage cans overflowing with tissues? Dispose of the evidence. Those germs from wiping your nose could soon become airborne. Dump out any garbage cans in the house and make sure to take what you've collected out of your house pronto.

Taking these steps should certainly reduce the germs in your home after being sick and we hope this helps you to have a fresh start. Here's to feeling better and keeping those nasty germs from coming back!

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