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Perspectives to Propel Your Clutter Purging Progress

Sometimes we can just get stuck on all of our stuff and our decluttering efforts may come to a temporary standstill. What's getting in our way? We might just need to change the way we think about that stuff.

It can be difficult to get rid of things which we "paid good money for", "might need one day" or just "aren't ready to deal with".

But ask yourself this ...

If you had a shirt that made you feel unattractive, would you continue to wear it?

If you spent money on food that went bad before you consumed it, would you keep it in your refrigerator?

If you had a person in your life that you felt was toxic, would you spend any more energy on them?

If you thought a salesperson was going to waste your time, would you allow them to enter your home?

So why do we continue to do these things when it comes to our stuff?

Why do we allow our unwanted junk to infringe on our time which we have little of, on our space which we work so hard to care and pay for, on our minds which could be engaged in more rewarding and enriching activities and our energy which could be focused on the things and/or people we truly care about?

Perhaps it's time to just admit to those brief lapses in judgement when you acquired these items, forgive yourself and let them go already. Keeping them around isn't going to make them any more useful and just serves as a visual reminder of past mistakes.

Think of getting rid of these unwanted goods as an learning experience for being more critical of purchases in the future, for freeing up your time and allowing you more space for the things that really matter most. There's certainly value in that.

Take a chance and see how getting rid of junk can, literally, open up your life for better things in the future! You won't be disappointed!

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