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10 Steps to Achieve a Spa-Like Ride

Photo provided by Wix.

Dust and grime in your car got you down? Check out these 10 simple strategies to achieve a spa-like experience, every time you take a ride.

1. Remove everything that doesn't belong.

Start by grabbing a bag and filling it with any trash or debris that's collected. Anything else that doesn't belong in the car should be removed and put away.

2. Change the trash can bag.

Remove your existing trash bag and replace with a new one. If you don't have a car trash bag or can, I highly recommend having one. It will save you a lot of mess and headaches. Make sure to place it somewhere within easy reach so that it will actually get used. Keep extra bags nearby for an easy switcheroo.

3. Wipe your windows and mirrors.

Using your favourite window cleaner, give the insides of your windows and mirrors a quick wipe.

4. Wipe down your dashboard, buttons and door handles.

Using your favourite wipes, remove dust and fingerprints from your dashboard, buttons and door handles. Find a recipe to my favourite homemade wipes here.

5. Wipe down your seats.

Whether you have fabric or leather seats, whether stained, dusty or just plain smelly, they're likely in need of a little love. For my leather seats, I mix a small amount of clear coconut oil, water and my favourite essential oil, wiping gently with a soft cloth to both remove dirt and moisturize the leather. For cloth seats, stay away from oils which can stain. Inspired Housewife details a homemade method for fabric seats here. Allow seats to dry thoroughly by leaving your car doors open for a period of time before placing car seats on them or sitting.

6. Vacuum your floors and/or any crumbs between the seats.

Personally, since I only vacuum my car floors, ahem, about once each year for spring cleaning, I like to use the vacuums provided by my local car wash. For less than $5, I can thoroughly remove all of the salt and other mysterious floor crud that's accumulated over the winter.

7. Wash your mats.

Pull out those filthy mats and give them a good scrub. For rubber mats, I simply use warm water and dish soap with a dollar store hand scrubber. Then I pull out the hose and give them a good rinse. Make sure to allow them to dry thoroughly with the help of a little sunshine before replacing into your vehicle.

8. Organize the things you really need.

Make sure that you have what you need within reach by keeping items like your insurance/ownership paperwork, coupons or gas receipts inside of their own individual envelopes in your glove box. Handy items like a flashlight or parking pass should be kept here for easy access as well. Important but less-frequently-needed items like windshield wiper fluid and extra bags for your trash bin can be kept in a small basket in your trunk.

9. Spritz a little bit of air freshener.

When you car is finally clean, treat your senses by spritzing your favourite scent or adding a decorative freshener to your rear-view mirror. Personally, I like to make my own car spray using a small travel spray bottle, a few drops of essential oil, a splash of rubbing alcohol and filling the rest with water.

10. Air it out.

On your next outing, crack the front and back windows open while you drive down the road and let some fresh air flow through. Enjoy the glisten of the dashboard and the delectable scents in your new spa-like ride.

We hope these steps help you achieve a more enjoyable and cleaner vehicle, with reduced mess and disorganization. For more Bright and Breezy tips and inspiration check out our other blog posts or subscribe for immediate updates.

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