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Cobweb Confessions - Really Dusty Ceiling Fan

Now that Halloween's over, you may want to clean up those 'decorative' cobwebs and dust on your ceiling fans. Here's a quick and easy way to just get it over with already.

After much avoidance, I grabbed a chair and used the extension hose on my vacuum to suck up any cobwebs on the underside of the blades and base.

Instead of grabbing the duster, which may just send the dust back into the air, why not try using a damp cloth instead? I grabbed a small bucket of warm water, wet my cloth and wrung it out, then wiped that nasty dust right off, rinsing the cloth as needed in between. **Make sure not to use the wet cloth near any electrical components.

After the majority of the dust was removed, I changed the water and added a little pine floor cleaner to give the remaining bits a good scrub. **You may want to confirm first that this product is safe to use on your specific blade materials.

The base needed a little more attention too.

Just like that, its now shiny and clean. And, hey, it smells real nice too. I don't know why I put that off so long ... it really was a breeze!

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