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More Organizing Ideas

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Just Let it Go at your Local Waste Depot

Photo provided by Wix

Want to get rid of more junk but feeling uninspired? One of the hardest parts of organizing can be just getting started but a safe place to begin is typically with trash.

Look up your local waste depot's website to find a list of accepted items, such as electronic waste, batteries, scrap metal and even toxic chemicals. This quick search may remind you that you have many of these types of items lingering around your home. Gather everything up and get them out of your home already!

Your area may even offer scheduled pickup of batteries, textiles and the like. Mark your calendar and save yourself even more bother by having someone else pick it up from you.

If you haven't already, designate a space to keep any items destined for the waste depot or pickup, preferably in such a way that it's a cinch to transport it out of your home.

Your home will feel lighter, cleaner and may even be safer. And the feeling you'll get from ridding yourself of that junk may be just what you needed to kickstart more purging!

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