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Quick Fix for that Unsightly "To-Be-Repaired" Pile

Got unfinished projects laying about on your tables or countertops? Maybe you're just keeping that pair of jeans out in your living room as a visual reminder to get around to mending them? Have you been meaning to glue that decoration back together but just haven't found the time? Don't want to be confronted by this ugly pile every time you walk into your living space?

Since we can all agree that the list of household items to be repaired or needing attention is never ending, why not designate a space for them, which doesn't involve your countertops?

Fix that ugly to-be-repaired pile by placing these items in a handy and cute container, until you can get around to them at least. Perhaps you might choose something that goes with your decor or maybe something functional with handles that you can keep in your storage space and grab easily when you actually have the time to fix a few things.

Better yet, consider first whether an item is really worth the time and trouble of repairing before landing it in this designated space. If items have been sitting in this pile for a while, perhaps you don't really need them after all.

This handy container was purchased from the local thrift store for under $3.50 and was originally from Ikea.

Afraid you'll forget? Make a list or reminder in your phone or calendar for a time that you can mend or fix a few of these items. At least then you won't have to look at them every time you walk into your space and be reminded of your never-ending to-do's.

We hope this quick fix helps you keep your home that much more tidy and organized. For more Bright and Breezy tips, check out our other blog posts or subscribe for immediate updates.

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