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Despite its tiny stature, this little laundry room has been fairly functional but it was beginning to feel, well, a little stale. I decided it was time to inject a little life back into this space and make it a little less dungeon and a lot more delight!

Here's what I did:

Step 1: Assess. First, I needed to identify any existing issues. What did this room need, what could be removed, updated, replaced, added for better functionality and beauty?

Existing shelf. This was wobbly, the stain came off easily and, well, I just didn't like the look of it. I needed something more sturdy to hold heavy laundry supplies as well as something more pleasing to the eye.

The fuse board. Having an exposed fuse board is not the look I was going for. Disguising it without completely covering it up with something more functional yet easily removable would be key.

Laundry baskets. Many of our existing laundry baskets were broken or mismatched. I wanted to invest in better-quality baskets which could stand the test of time could, easily stack together and, therefore, take up less space when stored in this room.

The floor. Being in the basement, this floor can be cold at times. I was hoping to enjoy a little more comfort and beauty when doing this dirty deed.

Boring. Adding a little decor would give it a more homey feel and, hopefully, help lose the dungeon vibes.

Clock. Having a clock nearby would surely be a handy way to keep aware of time-of-use rates.

Step 2: Make a plan and create a budget.

After reviewing what this space needed, I hopped onto Google and searched up other laundry room designs to look for inspiration.

Although I wanted to keep spending low, I also wanted to invest a little more in quality, to avoid more broken laundry baskets or wobbly shelves. Getting a good shelf was high on my priority list to continue utilizing the vertical space in such a tiny room.

When assessing potential items like a shelf and a rug, it was very important that I take a few measurements to make sure everything would fit nicely.

Next, I made a shopping list with a rough idea of what each item might cost. I figured that spending around $200 should cover everything.

Shopping list:

  • rug (to keep feet warm)

  • fuse board cover (easily removable for access, chalk board, chalk, magnets)

  • garbage bin (for lint etc.)

  • new shelf (can easily remove to access plumbing, waterproof, wipeable, sturdy, lighter colour)

  • plants/decor (something pleasing to the eye)

  • clock (to keep track of time-of-use rates)

  • laundry baskets (sturdy, stackable)

  • storage baskets (to keep pocket treasures, utility items and rags)

  • scents (to make the space smell nice)

Step 3: Take everything out.

As I removed everything from this space to get ready for the refresh, I made sure to declutter any items that were going to be replaced or that just didn't belong.

The existing shelf was placed on the end of our driveway immediately for free pickup, so there would be no way it could creep its way back into our house.

The old garbage bin which was getting replaced received a good scrub and went into the garage with the rest of the donations.

Mismatched or broken laundry baskets also went bye-bye.

This clearing-out step included getting all caught up on any lingering laundry so that I could really have a clean slate to work with.

Step 4: Deep clean.

Once everything was removed ... well, heck even before ... it was obvious that this space was going to need a deep clean.

I swept and vacuumed the floor, sucked up the cobwebs galore, gave the floor a good scrub and wiped down the appliances.

Step 5: Make purchases.

Once I narrowed down my shopping list, I spent some time shopping around to try and strike a balance between affordable prices and quality items and, of course, between beauty and utility.

Here's what I purchased:

Total pre-tax CAD cost: $216.27

Step 6: Assemble the shelf.

Wanting something that was pleasing to the eye, easy to assemble and that could stand up to potential spills and occasional water leaks, I chose this white plastic utility shelf from Home Hardware.

It was super easy to assemble and did not require any tools. The only hard part was deciding on the shelf configuration since it's completely adjustable.

Step 7: Replenish stock.

Who wants to have to run the store when you've just realized you're all out of soap, mid way through laundry day when you're busy churning out those loads? Not me!

Take advantage of sales as you see them and be sure to keep extra stock on hand. The bottom shelf is the best place for these backups to ensure that this shelf stays sturdy.

I keep the most frequently-used products up top for easy access. Although I must say I absolutely love those photos of laundry detergent poured into clear containers, I'd rather save myself the hassle of having to refill them every so often and just stick with the original packaging.

Step 8: Arrange the rest.

Now that all of the hard stuff was out of the way, it was finally time to roll out the carpet, the yellow one that is.

Storage bins were placed on the shelves, to hold old rags, a lint brush or treasures found in pockets.

These new matching laundry baskets fit perfectly in the corner.

This gorgeous garbage can was put in place.

A chalk board was hung over the fuse board (using magnets).

Of course, a cute clock was set out to track those lower electricity rates.

And, at long last, this stylish rug was laid out.

Step 9: Finishing touches.

Utility aside, although I was aiming to minimize all things unnecessary in this tiny space, I finished it off with just a couple of extras touches.

These Citrus and Sage Fragrance Spheres from Yankee Candle induce an immediate sense of calm as soon as I walk into this room, with its woodsy and lavender notes.

And these sweet, little succulents give the space just enough life, without any of the maintenance.

Step 10: Enjoy!

While I won't lie and say I love doing laundry, I've gotta say, there sure is something satisfying about getting to the end of that pile of clothes ... well, for this week at least. Spending time in this space will surely be more enjoyable now that it's gone from dungeon to delight!

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