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We're All Given the Same Amount of Time Each Day ... But Here's the Key to Getting More

Carving out time to get organized in our busy lives can be a real challenge. When you've already got so much to do, why would you add more to your to-do list by spending time on organizing? Well, because a little investment can go a long way. Here's how ...

Let's use the classic example of searching for missing keys. Do you ever find yourself frantically looking for your keys when you're already running late?

Potential consequences of tardiness aside, say that you spend just a minute each day looking for misplaced keys. Here's how that could add up over a one-year period:

1 minute x 365 days per year = 365 minutes per year

Now, let's convert that to something a little easier to imagine.

365 minutes per year / 60 minutes

= 6.083 hours or 6 hours and 4.98 minutes

Yes, that's more than six hours of wasted time each year. Can you think of some better ways that you would like to use that chunk of time?

A simple solution could be installing a key rack ... along with adopting the habit of putting the keys in this spot each day as soon as you arrive home, of course.

Let's say that you've jotted down that you need to pick up a "key rack" for your next trip to the hardware store. Once purchased, you might spend roughly 10 minutes installing it. Alternatively, you could select a decorative dish to place on a surface in your front hallway or choose another designated spot in your home such as a drawer. The key is to make it easy to use, so choosing a place that you'll see as soon as you walk in the front door can be a good reminder.

Now when you leave the house your keys should always be in the same place and you've potentially saved yourself around 1 minute of time searching each day.

Let's break that down even more. You've now invested 10 minutes and gained 6 hours.

6 hours (freed up time) / 10 minutes (for installation)

= 36 minutes gained per 1 minute invested

For every 1 minute you've invested into getting organized, you've gained 36 minutes. And that's only in the first year.

To take it a step further, consider using a portion of that newly-discovered time to invest into implementing other organizing solutions around your home. Before you know it, the benefits will multiply even more.

Just imagine how doing more of these activities could help you discover even more time. It really is worth investing the time to get organized ... because you'll only find yourself with more.

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